JURY 2021


Museologist, historian and director of MICE – International Ethnographic Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela, Ana Estévez Lavandeira began her career in the field of museology, first in the area of artistic and patrimonial education, subject on which she has worked. She has been involved in several cultural management projects, education and museums, such as the Antonio Fraguas Foundation Didactic Project, which she coordinated for nine years, but also in the field of history and gender studies, especially concerning the construction of socio-historical processes affecting women in Galicia in the 20th century. Currently, she is responsible for the Education and Cultural Activities of the Galician’s People Museum and, since 2015, directs the International Ethnographic Film Festival, an event that is a space for dissemination and meeting between cinema and social sciences in Santiago de Compostela. She is also Vice-President of Proxecta, the Galega Coordinator of Film Festivals that encompasses the cultural main events in Galicia.


Tânia Dinis, 1983. Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices at FBAUP, 2015. Her work crosses countless perspectives and artistic fields: photography, performance, cinema and relational aesthetics. She uses images from family archives - personal or anonymous - and other registers of real image, in a time-image-memory interrelation.  In 2013, Dinis made her debut with the short film, Não são favas, são feijocas and collected many awards at several film festivals. She also directed Arco da Velha (2015), Laura (2017) and Armindo e Câmara Escura (2018). Her work has been showcased in exhibitions and performances. 


Tiago Bartolomeu Costa develops his work as an author, editor and programmer. He has been collaborating with several public institutions, including the theaters São Luiz (Lisbon) and Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), as a consultant for international programming and coordinator of the Chantiers d'Europe festival. He was a deputy of the Ministry of Culture (2016-2019), founder of the magazine OBSCENA – a magazine of performing arts (2007-2010) and regular collaborator of the newspaper Público (2006-2014). Having developed his work in the field of performing arts, he is currently editorial coordinator of the publication Cadernos do Rivoli, edited by the Teatro Municipal do Porto, having signed the books Tiago Guedes - Valse à cinque temps (Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2011) and O cego que atravessou montanhas (Orfeu Negro, 2016), and organized the collective work Uma coisa concreta (Companhia Paulo Ribeiro , 2015). He is co-author of the documentary O Público vai ao teatro  (written and performed with Alfredo Martins and Beatriz Tomaz, production Teatro Meia Volta, 2013). Graduated in Programming and Cultural Production, from the School of Arts and Design/ Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, and with a Specialization in Theater Studies by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, currently attends the PhD in Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, being regularly invited to lectures and seminars in different faculties. Since February 2021 he is the coordinator of the FILMar project, for the National Archive of Moving Images/Portuguese Cinematheque - Cinema Museum.

Photo: © Estelle Valente