A Grande Nuvem Cinza

Marcelo Munhoz

2016 Brazil DOC 72 '

THE GREAT GREY CLOUD In a small town in the south of Brazil, Lidia spends her days watching the others working around her and at night she dreams of times spent growing tobacco when she still could walk. Along with the rescue of its history, we know the lives of four other families linked to smoking. Guided by tradition, mysticism or pure pragmatism, they live in the tenuous line between struggle and love of the land.


Marcelo Munhoz was the creator and coordinator of Olho Vivo, a training and audiovisual production center in Curitiba between 2003 and 2013, where he produced or co-directed more than two dozen short films, documentaries and fictions. She has been a Film Actress since 2005, having directed several short fiction films with students. He was the creator of the Culture Point My Village Filmo Eu, from the Center of Audiovisual Dramaturgy of SESI / PR and of the Living Fiction, which was attended by some of the biggest names in contemporary Ibero-American cinema, such as Pedro Costa, Lucrecia Martel, Guillermo Arriaga, Miguel Gomes, among others. His first feature-length documentary, The Great Gray Cloud, was released in 2016.