João Vladimiro

2018 France Portugal FICTION 28 '

Anteu is born in a village where he’s the only child around. His mother ends up dying after a while and the father soon follows suit. One by one the people from the village start to disappear and Anteu, now a 17 years old boy carries on with his solitary life. One night, a dream awakes him: who would bury him?


João Vladimiro holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Porto’s Faculty of Fine Arts. From 1999 to 2012 he helps to build the visual theater company Circolando as a creator/performer/video artist. In 2006 he took the documentary filmmaking course held by the Ateliers Varan at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in wich he directed Rooted Foot, later awarded the Best Portuguese Short Film Director at IndieLisboa. In 2007 he directed the documentary Garden, which premiered at Doclisboa in 2008 and was shown at international film festivals, like Fid Marseille and Mar de Plata among others. In 2013 he finished his second feature film, Lacrau, which premiered at the 10th IndieLisboa and won him the Best Portuguese Feature Film Award and the Tree of Life Award. The film was screened at several renowned festivals, like Fid Marseille, Rio de Janeiro, Vienalle, Sevilla, among others. The film had comercial exhibitions in Portugal, France and in Switzerland. In 2014, at request of the coreographer Madalena Victorino, he directed a documentary about the creation of her dance performance The Wool and the Snow, which premiered at Doclisboa that same year.