Bread and Angels

Rachid Biyi

2016 Morocco DOC 53 '

In Casablanca, one conflict has been persisting for more than six years now, between Najat, Aziza, Fanida, the State and activists of Human rights. Each one of them is dedicated, in the midst of a frustrating see-saw relationship, to their idea about the future of a unique cemetery in Morocco, a place that is still virtual, place of memory, built for the victims of the Bread Revolt of June, 1981. Rachid, 30 years old, its caretaker, lives in total silence and isolation, in a cemetery that no one visits and without knowing what tomorrow will bring.


Rachid Biyi is a Moroccan, producer, director, scenarist and professor. He teaches in the Audiovisual Studies program at Ben M’sik Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in Casablanca, Morocco. He is director and producer of Bread and angels, the Producer Manager of the documentary Camera / Women, directed by KarimaZoubir. The Executive producer of the film 7915km documentary by Nikolaus Geyrhalte. He also co-produced Le Tableau, (The Painting) a documentary film by BrahimFritah, Une Place au Soleil (A place for the Sun), a short fiction by Rachid Boutounès, and Le Grand Voyage, (The Grand Trip), a feature length fiction film by Ismaël Ferroukhi. He participated in writing residencies, namely in Docmed (2011), and presented his documentary project Bread & angels in Durban-FilmMart, in July 2012. He also participated in IDFAcademy in November 2012. Laureate of AFAC, 2012, SCAM, 2013 and DOX BOX, 2016.