Humberto Martins

2022 45 '

About Catarina Alves Costa I once wrote that she was decisive in the start of a new phase of documentary cinema in Portugal. After a few years, ‘her’ love for the documentary remains the same, in an incessant search for learning with a camera by her side, precisely because reality is inexhaustible for her objects of film desire. In this conversation we will return to her films, talking about the past, the present and the future, anthropology, knowing with the camera, the revealing potential of this medium, and how people and reality can be known in different ways. Of the much that has yet to be done for visual anthropology to gain space for recognition in Portugal, and the paths trodden by the documentary and documentary filmmakers in the last thirty years.


Humberto Martins is an anthropologist. He is the current director of the Ethnographic magazine, assistant professor at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro and researcher of the Center for Research in Anthropology. With a background in visual anthropology, having completed his PhD in Social Anthropology with the use of Visual Media (Manchester, 2005), he has long seen, does, program, participated in festival juries and ethnographic film shows, as well as has written, published and taught in this area. Recently organized and edited together with Catarina Alves Costa the thematic dossier in the magazine Aniki, “Olhar trás: Histórias enredada do cinema e da antropologia” (2022, v. 9 n. 2 (2022): Cinema e antropologia).