2015 Spain EXP 13 '

Cruz Piñón is an appeal to optimism, a history of self-improvement and learning that gives us confidence in the human being's ability to continually evolve towards self-realization. Visual diptych on split-screen in which we witness the two facets of Cruz Piñón's life: the daily life of the rural woman and the woman who wants to learn and does not miss the best of a new world.


Xisela Franco is a filmmaker, documentarian and teacher. She took a degree in Audiovisual Communication (1996-2001) and Humanities (Philosophy 2001-2004) at the UEM-CEES of Madrid. In 2003 she founded Epojé Films with Noé Rodríguez. Since then, she’s also a screenwriter and directs documentaries for television (TVE, TVE2, Canal Historia...).