2018 Portugal 19 '

I think I’ll remember you, everything, but I’m not sure.


Born in Portugal in 1974 within a family of actors, Ivo M. Ferreira has always been in contact with theater and film. He began his technical and artistic training in Lisbon at Escola de Artes Visuais António Arroyo. Then he joined the London International Film School and the University of Budapest. Finally, he arrived in China, a place that would forever shape his personal and professional life: he set up a small production company in Macao and directed his first film. He works as a photographer, actor, producer, director and light designer. Invited by the Universal Exhibition of 1998, he directed an award winning short film O que foi and, shortly thereafter, his first feature film Em Volta (2002). In 2006, he received a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for a Screenplay Writing course at the London International Film School, which led him to the adventure of writing and directing Águas Mil, projected in several film festivals in 2009. In 2010, he has his commercial debut with O Estrangeiro and Vai com o Vento, the first commissioned by RTP to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The handover and the second about Chinese immigration in Europe. In 2016, Ivo was the director and screenwriter of Cartas da Guerra, a feature film based on the homonymous book by António Lobo Antunes and is produced by O Som e a Fúria. Cartas da Guerra was part of the Official Competition for the 66th Edition of Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival. His latest film, Hotel Império, is he’s most recent film.