friday child

tinja ruusuvuori

2014 Finland FICTION 17 '

During the week Tinja lives with her father, dreams about cows and misses her mother, who is struggling with alcoholism but loves her daughter and wishes to one day be able to live a normal life with her. When Tinja visits mom life is an adventure: dressing up as ghosts, dancing and singing quirky songs. It's a melancholic, yet hilarious story that allows the viewer to realize things are not always black and white.


Tinja Ruusuvuori (b. 1988) is a documentary filmmaker interested in autobiographical subjects, religious relics, the comical in life and the relationship between everyday objects and the political. Ruusuvuori is finishing her bachelor’s degree in documentary film directing at ELO Film School Helsinki. In addition, she works as a screenwriter in children´s programs in Finnish television. Friday Child is her directorial depute.