julia furer

2014 Switzerland DOC 9 '

The author embarks on an attempt to reconstruct her family history and in particular her parents' separation. Whatever happened to the idyll, the dream of a happy family, and why did it crumble? The family archive's Super-8 films are a window to the past, and in the present, her parents offer candid answers to her probing questions. Furer complements the collection of old film rolls and her interviews with her parents with images of the family home still owned by both parents, and with it evokes impressions of the past and present that she seeks to understand and visualise.


Julia Furer, 25, grew up in the region of Bern, Switzerland. After working as a photographer and several internships in film, she gratuated 2011 at the F+F, School of Art and Mediadesign, in Zurich. In the following summer she started her studies at the school of Art and Design, Bachelor of Arts in Film with focus in documentary film. In 2015 she successfully graduated with her diploma film „Julian“, which also won the advacement price of the Zeugindesign Foundation“.