2018 Spain DOC 14 '

The Benedictine nuns of the Convent of San Paio de Altaltares, located next to the Cathedral and the tourist square of A Quintana, in Santiago de Compostela, carry out their daily routine in total silence. Short Film Winner of the Award for Best Galician Film in the 14th edition of MICE.


Noelia Muíño (O Pino, 1992) received the prestigious "La Caixa" scholarship with which she is attending a Master's degree in Film Direction from New York University (USA). She is a screenwriter, producer, director and editor of two short documentaries and four fictional shorts. Her works have been selected for several festivals. She worked as a photography director for the pilot episode of the series Zita, por favor! and in the short films "Wolf" and "Overyourshoulder" by GiannaBadiali; and "Safe between the Stars", by JessSnow, which was part of the official selection of AAFF and The New York FilmFest. She worked as editor of the New York Times and as a 3D camerawoman in animated series and films such as "Tadeo Jones 2", the most successful animated film in Spanish history and winner of Goya in its category. In addition to "Monte Bravo", her last short, also directed A viúva” and “Hora silenciosa”.