Thomas Lallier

2016 France DOC / EXP 18 '

After a talk with the girls, Géraldine and François have taken their decision : the family will leave the countryside. But leaving also means leaving the house where the daughters grew up before they turn teenagers. It means leaving the place the parents dreamt of, closer to the nature, where the time stretches.… François now seems to know what the countryside is all about, even if he will definitely miss the quiet pace of the place. Géraldine would have liked to stay, but accepts her family’s will. In the village of Laduz, the house will remain in its emptiness, as the place of childhood only filled with the memories of the family’s story.


After studying humanities, Thomas Lallier, born in 1975 in Paris, France, started to work as an editor and then as a director of photography. As a cinematographer, he has worked on many film projects: documentaries, fiction films, commercials, live music and artists’ videos. He started directing in 2005 and since then he writes and shoots long and short documentaries working with french tv channels or independent producers, while also experimenting transmedia storytelling. Thomas’ movies have been screened in various festivals in France and abroad.