2002 Spain EXP 3 '

Media_Trash01 (2002) If we consider analog TV commercials from the 90s as ‘media trash’, what happens when we subject them to a process of digital recycling? In this video, two commercials made for Spanish audiences (diapers and dish soap) were digitized, split into frames, pixelated, and algorithmically manipulated and mixed using MIDIPoet, a custom-made software for real-time interaction with texts and images. The subtitles of the video, taken from Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, suggest that, even after being recycled, spectacle always remains similar to itself. Media trash becomes new media trash.


Eugenio Tisselli practices programming as a form of writing, and writes poems imagined as sets of algorithmic procedures. Standing upon this hybrid field, he has developed writing tools such as MIDIPoet or Computer Assisted Poetry. He has published his work using different media formats, and has presented it at international festivals, talks and exhibitions. He slowly uploads most of his pieces and texts to his website.