2022 FINLAND DOC 65 '

All around us, there lives a group of “invisibles”, people who are only perceivable via a camera. We meet two of them: Tuomas is a single parent to his daughter, who is the only person in the world seeing him normally; Ninni is a young woman in an emerging online relationship, meeting her crush for the first time “in real life”. In combination with these parallel stories, the film uses street footage and testimonies from other “invisibles’’ to reflect on questions of loneliness, visibility and perception. Our world is exposed as one where the prosaic and the poetic, the factual and the imaginary, live together.


Jesse Jalonen lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. He holds an MA degree in film directing from ELO Film School Finland, Aalto University. Nobody Meets Your Eyes was part of his MA thesis. Previously he has written and directed two short films, Pauli (2014) and Falling Snow (2019), and served as the cinematographer on approximately 20 short films since 2011.