2019 Portugal Performance 30 '

NYMPHOMANIAC where the genitals don't stop screaming in the woods and the screams echo the thirst that moves mountains. NYMPHOMANIAC that devours the dragon in orgasm, crashes, ties the cocks and raises the sex in the air. NYMPHOMANIAC, who through the perfume of the signs, one day only wet the feet and the next day, almost without warning the water already reaches the neck.


Aurora Pinho is an Performing Artist and Musician. She developed Utero, Heteroptera, Aurora de Areia and Rave in a Cave. She worked with many artists, such Teatro Praga, João Pedro Vale, Filipe Sambado, Vaiapraia, António Onio, Cyril Viallon, Odete, Né Barros, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Moullinex, Joclécio Azevedo among others. In 2013 she finished the degree in contemporary dance at Balleteatro (Porto). In parallel she works as a model.