2019 Germany DOC 16 '

OMOGENEO is a short film about an italian family highlighting their unique understanding of life. Built around the philosophical thoughts and music of the father Davide Garattoni, it deals with the balance between the life in society and nature. When the family first moved to fuerteventura they lived in a tipi close to the beach for about five years in total harmony with nature. Then they were forced by the government to find a concrete house within one day otherwise they would have taken away their children. Close to majanicho they found a house, allowing them to keep custody of their children.


HOMETOWN is a director & dop duo, based in Germany. They are connected by their origin, friendship and a shared passion to make stories become film.Their idea of no longer separate fiction and reality but to bring them together as one makes their style uni-que. They believe that each aspect of film should be treated equally wether its the story, image or music.Together they have found their voice - being strongly influenced by Jan Eric’s Scandinavian roots and hisbackground in graphic design together with Alex passion to freeze memories onto film and relentless searchfor beauty.