Os Prisioneiros / The prisoners

Margarida Madeira

2014 Portugal ANI 7 '

The walls.
Ivo lives now outside, but he would like to be on the inside, where his mother and younger brother are. Sérgio has lived inside, but his sister was outside.
Home is inside or outside of these walls? And freedom? In which side is freedom?


Margarida Madeira was born in Canas de Senhorim, Portugal in 1987. She studied Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and was during the exchange year in Poland, which sparked her interest in character animation. In 2010 she did a Masters in Animation in Barcelona which resulted in the short film "Olinda". "Dona Fúnfia", "The Prisoner" and "Specialty of the House", her latest short films, have been selected for more than four dozen international festivals and already have several awards. After passing through Spain, Colombia and Mexico, she currently resides in Lisbon where she develops animation and illustration projects in her newly created production company, Pickle Films.