tudo parla di te / all about you

alina marazzi

2012 Italy FICTION 84 '

Pauline (Charlotte Rampling) returns to Turin - her place of birth - for the first time after many years and gets in touch with Angela (Maria Grazia Mandruzzato), whom she had earlier met abroad and who now manages a Maternity Center. Here Pauline undertakes a research project on the experiences and problems of today's mothers, starting from the statements, videos, photographs collected by Angela. Among the mothers attending the Center there is Emma (Elena Radonicich), a young and elusive dancer in deep crisis: she doesn't know how to face the responsibilities demanded by motherhood and sees her life at a standstill. She feels alone and inept. Between the two women, a relationship of complicity develops, which in a play of reflections, will lead Pauline to come to terms with her own tragic past and allow Emma to discover a meaningful sense of self in her new identity as a mother.


Alina Marazzi is a film and documentary director. Her main body of work focuses on female subjectivity, motherhood, and memory: Un’ora sola ti vorrei – For one more hour with you (2002) is her first personal film, a montage of her family homemovies, telling the life of her lost mother. Per Sempre-Forever (2005), a documentary about cloister nuns. Vogliamo anche le rose - We want roses too (2007) – a feature lenght documentary - tells the lives and experiences of Italian women during the sexual revolution in the 1970s, entirely made with archival footage and women’s personal writings of the time. Tutto parla di te - All about you (2013) tackles the controversial issue of ambivalent feelings in motherhood; a fiction intertwined with documentary footage, homemovies, stopmotion animation. For theatre she has curated the multi-screen visuals for Il Sogno di una cosa, a contemporary music opera by Mauro Montalbetti. Confini - Borderlands is her latest work, a short montage film based on archival footage from WWI featuring poet Mariangela Gualtieri reading her poems.