Two Worlds

Maciej Adamek

2015 Poland DOC 52 '

In this inspiring family portrait, a 12-year-old Laura is our guide through life with her deaf parents, which is unusual, challenging and surprisingly ordinary. The girl is the only contact her deaf parents have with the outside world. She accompanies them with most daily tasks such as paying the bills, going to different offices and even taking part in parents meetings at school. Laura becomes their voice in the outside world which is not always an easy task for such a young girl, nevertheless, she seems to be more mature than other teenagers at her age.


Maciej Adamek Director and scriptwriter. Recognized documentary director. Graduated from the Polish philology at University in Gdańsk and directing at the Łódź Film School. His films was screened at few hundred film festivals where received about 50 awards ( at San Fransico FF, Palm Springs FF, Silverdocs in Washington, Shanghai FF , Munich, Toronto, Moscow, Montreal FF etc.).