when i close my eyes

ann-julie vervaeke

2014 Belgium FICTION 18 '

Allison is an eleven year old girl with divorced parents. When her mother decides to move, Allison is facing the reality of a patchwork family. On the road to their new house, Allison blocks completely. She repeatedly tries to call her father in the hope that he will come and get her. She finds herself in a fold between past and present. Does Allison succeed to overcome herself in a world full of memories, desires, fears and hopes? Does she come to realize that her need for love and harmony might be closer than she initially suspected?


As a child I had a wild imagination and lots of nightmares. My imagination would run free and as a result I was afraid to go to sleep. I always postponed the moment where I had to tuck myself in and close my eyes. So I waited till my eyes would become heavy, leaving no other option but to close them, making it safe to fall asleep. I would watch films until my eyes hurt and I had to surrender to sleep. So I watched a bunch of movies as a child, especially Indiana Jones and apocalyptic disaster movies. But growing up, I discovered Tarkovsky and Antonioni and I realised film could be art. It never occurred to me that making movies myself was a possibility, so I started studies in Art Science at the University of Ghent. After graduating as a master I realised I needed to express myself and that film was the only medium. I decided to start film school at KASK (school of arts) Ghent. My Bachelor short “The Air In My Throat” was selected at Film Fest Ghent and BUFF, the international film festival for children and young people in Malmö.