Dad in Mum

fabrice bracq

2014 | France | | 6 '

The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parent’s door. Two young sisters are asking questions.


Fabrice Bracq was first made making of feature. Then he worked for ecpad (cinema armies) where he made a variety of films, for both museums, the communication of the defense or the tv. In addition, he directed short films and documentaries, including in africa. In 2010, he directed the “love birds”, drama anticipation. In 2012, he directed “split time” and “time 2 split”, which now total nearly 150 officials’ selections worldwide, and several awards. Diagnosis in the genre of comedy, a total of 60 selections in the world and several audience awards. All these short films have been bought by france télévisions. “Dad in mum” his latest short film comedy began his career in the festival.