How I live, As you wanted to know

christian einshoj

2014 | Denmark | | 14 '

One year after losing his wife, my grandfather met a woman online. To entice her to visit, we shot a video presenting his home.


(b. 1985) Christian Einshoj is a self-taught director and film editor. He’s worked on several Danish and international shorts, documentaries and features. He lives and works in copenhagen. Artist statement: I seek a self-defined degree of truth when making films. Films are never interesting as illustrations or explanations. They should be something in and of themselves. My subjects will have to reveal something of themselves, for the film to come alive. In this film, my grandfather is talking to someone not present, someone beyond the camera which is not the audience or the director. My grandfather is performing. We know he is, because I’ve said so before the film starts. Usually, a film will say nothing about the context of the shooting, but merely have us believe: what you see is what happened and the people in the scene are not affected by the presence of the camera. This is what makes this film special, in my opinion - we already know that he’s acting. And it’s not like I told him to do it. The film, in itself, is important to him to relief himself of his loneliness. What’s revealed to us is a stranger most private intimate space.