The Melody of Decomposition

Alex Faoro

2018 | United States | EXP | 9 '

The Melody of Decomposition is a super 8mm non-narrative film composed of footage I gathered over the course of 8 months between 2017 and 2018. The different locations include a reservoir for which I have a particular lineal affection, a cemetery in the Bronx where my ancestors are buried, and a slaughterhouse in upstate NewYork. Consequently, the film explores themes of family, death and the loss of innocence. In doing so it creates a concentrated rhythm and familiar cyclical pattern of movement; both of which result in a subconscious pursuit of the inevitable.


Alex Faoro is a filmmaker and educator based in Brooklyn, NewYork. His artistic practice is influenced primarily by documentary and avant-garde traditions; however, his films often incorporate a spectrum of modalities. His current super 8mm work explores concepts of nostalgia, absurdism and mortality. It also addresses (both thematically and materialistically) the ephemerality of images and memory.