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This edition conceals ten years of performances and cycles at Family Film Project – International Film Festival about archive, memory and ethnography. 

All the associated curatorial projects addressed themes that were explored and discussed artistically by the festival. In the majority of the proposals, the artists were challenged to explore with performance archival materials, personal or not, or questions about memory. The aim was to present performance objects in an expanding space and time valences: interdisciplinary, spatial movements, thematic movements. To work on these valences, multiple formats were selected by the artists: film-concert, installation, performance and music. 
In this series of works, when focused on biographies, it is possible to perceive performing and documentary valences in the creation of the “self”. The biography reveals itself like a landscape in movement, a poetic act, an image to the other at the same time as it emerges in the imperfect territory of the self. In other proposals, the space of intimacy conveys the sphere of the invisible to project itself as a political and social statement. In this journey, we will hands-on travel in new problems and new forms of grasping intimacy and familiarities composed of creative possibilities that cross subjects and borders, capturing the thin line between what is real and performance. 

These very distinct artistic proposals are built to showcase creative and elucidative poetics about the sphere and the place of intimacy – of the familiar and its formal political, aesthetics and ethical implications. 
In this edition, we pay tribute to the philosopher Mario Perniola, with whom we had the privilege to connect for several occasions and sadly died in 2018. His reflection and thought concerning arts manifested resistance to the institutional and simultaneously reflects a porous way of feeling, a decentralized way of thinking and feeling the Cartesian “self”. Perniola continues to inspire artists and always will.   

We appreciate the fundamental collaboration of all the artists who contributed for the development of this project that crosses sounds, texts, images and objects with corporality and voice, letting us experience and fictionalize their concerts, their poems to life, and their anti-biographies, flavors and their metamorphoses. Thanks to: Alexandre Soares, Alex Faoro, Anna Kryvenko, António Olaio, Aurora Pinho, Beatriz Albuquerque, Cesário Alves, Cristina Mateus, Flávio Rodrigues, Flora Détraz, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Guglielmo Trupia, Gustavo Costa, Haarvöl, Hassan Pitts, Helena Deda, Henrique Fernandes, Home Movies, Hugo Mesquita, Isabel Barros, Jennida Chase, Joana Craveiro, Joclécio Azevedo, Jorge Gonçalves, José Carlos Teixeira, Leonardo Moro, Luciana Fina, Mara Andrade, Marianne Baillot, Marika Pensa, Mario Perniola, Miguel  Bonneville, Muriel Hasbun, Rebecca Moradalizadeh, Rita Tse, Rui Reininho, Sietse Van Erve, Susana Chiocca, Tânia Dinis.