1st Edition of FFFilm Project

26-29 September 2012

Palácio das Artes, Hard Club, Auditório do Grupo Musical de Miragaia

Family Fiction Film Project is a cycle of video and film, which explores several possibilities around the topic of family/familiar: documentary or ficition movies about the intimate, the personal or private, family footage, home movies, self-portraits / about identities, family as a landscape, alternative families, etc. In the era of the democratization of the use of image the objects produced are increasingly on the intimacy and the precariousness of the production resources. There is a new way to make films and to tell stories. Public and private or global and local, stand in a constant transformaton in their inter-connection at the same they have a tremmendous impacto n the way of producing, creating and living.

We believe that at this moment, thid kind of cycle is full of sense; it will be a moment for sharing ways of doing and perspectives which concerns are to do with fragility, intimacy and precarity. This cycle is open both to amateur and professional videos.

Né Barros