DISPLACEMENTS OF INTIMICY, Né Barros e Filipe Martins (Org.)

2015 Editions Balleteatro

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At the close of its third edition, in November 2014, the Family Film Project festival devoted a conference to the theme of "Displacements of Intimacy" and counted with the presence of Catarina Mourão, Diogo Aguiar, Jean-Martin Rabot, Jorge Leandro Rosa and Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, whose communications around the intimate and its border areas offered us a rich and eclectic overview of the topic, particularly in its relationship with art. To these names came however join many others - Cesário Alves, Daniel Blaufuks, Eugenia Vilela, Jorge Campos, Luciana Fina, Paul Tunhas and Maria Augusta Babo - adding several reflections on the problem of intimacy and it's shiftings. It is this collective of voices that are now gathered in this publication.



Welcome note


MARIA AUGUSTA BABO, The intimate intermittences

JORGE LEANDRO ROSA, The Innermost, the fallen need

GABRIELA VAZ-PINHEIRO, Otherness and fiction. Brief contribution to their intersection

JORGE CAMPOS, A pact with the devil or the game of mirrors of Leni Riefenstahl

PAULO TUNHAS, The sacred trade of the individual

CATARINA MOURÃO, Anatomy of a family film

LUCIANA FINA, The house, the mobile and the immobile


DIOGO AGUIAR, Discussing the city. For the shared identity

DANIEL BLAUFUKS,Photography without memory 

EUGÉNIA VILELA, Wording. At the angle of a shout