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In this cycle of performances associated with the Family Film Project, artists are challenged to explore performativity from archival material, personal or otherwise, or from memory problematizing. The main objective is to present performative proposals in its expanded values (interdisciplinary, spatial displacements, thematic displacements). As the intimacies and familiarities are problematized, creative possibilities are projected crossing disciplines and borders, reinforcing, within the event-festival, the fine line between the real and the performative.

19H00 | Coliseu Porto Ageas


by Cesário Alves 

Diaporama provides a time travel through 35mm slides found around the world, revealing personal photographs of unknown authors, mingling with the waste of film projection and analog-era magnetic tape audio recordings.
Diaporama's projections of images, as well as the accompanying soundtrack, take advantage of the architecture of the room where they are installed and are therefore 'site specific' and 'time specific', also reflecting the place and time in which we work.
We document our work on an audio tape because it allows us to materialize and carry sounds and images on a medium that stands as a resistance to digitization and immediacy.
Sound recording on magnetic tape is an audio broadcast medium that has never been extinguished, despite being overwhelmed by so many other digital formats and somehow declared obsolete, such as the 35mm slides that serve the visual part of the 'Diaporama'.
This work asks a latent question: When we die what are the personal files we accumulated for?

Conception and camera: Cesário Alves
Sound atmosphere: Miguel Pipa, Mariana Sardon, Helder Luis
Technical supervision: Helder Luís 
Supported by: UNIMAD, Centro de investigação da ESMAD - Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design 

The original photographs that are the object of this work were acquired or found in several countries, without any associated information about their origin, authorship or identification of the people represented. We assume that these people have already disappeared, but if this is not the case and someone can identify or prove a relationship with them, we make a point of identifying them, respecting their authorship or returning their originals. 

Cesário Alves
Cesário Alves completed his doctorate in 2018 at the College of Arts Humanities and Education, University of Derby, UK, where he developed research in the field of vernacular photography and its appropriations in contemporary art. He teaches photography in the courses of Escola Superior de Media, Artes e Design (Politécnico do Porto), in Vila do Conde.

Miguel Pipa
His work takes him between the fine arts and sound art. He is particularly interested in the construction and modification of electro-acoustic instruments that he uses in performance or installation. He develops collaborations with other artists in areas close to theatre, music, dance and performance. He investigates and practices primitive tattoo forms (hand poke).

Mariana Sardon
After training in Multimedia, Interactive Music and Sound Design, she has been dedicated to the exploration and construction of sound and visual pieces, for being presented in performance or installation contexts.

Helder Luís
He has studied graphic design and typography, areas in which he has been working regularly since 1996. He has worked as a multimedia artist and musician, either individually or in collaboration with other artists. Currently he studies and develops photography and documentary film essays.

20H30 | Coliseu Porto Ageas


Performance Diner 

by Rebecca Moradalizadeh

LandMarks # 5 - the delay or vicious cycle is a performance essay designed within the LandMarks series project, which began in 2015. This project reflects a set of personal and biographical issues concerning Iranian descent, associated with identity, territory, memory, archive, travel and family having as main expression resources visual arts, performance art and gastronomy.

Rebecca Moradalizadeh

Rebecca Moradalizadeh, (n. 1989, Londres) de origem luso-iraniana, artista plástica, vive e trabalha no Porto. É Mestre (2017) em Estudos Artísticos - Estudos Museológicos e Curadoriais pela FBAUP - Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto e Licenciada (2011) em Artes Plásticas - ramo de multimédia, pela mesma instituição. Desde 2010 desenvolve um percurso artístico nas artes plásticas, apresentando o seu trabalho em exposições/apresentações individuais e colectivas em Portugal, Sheffield e Berlim. Participou em diversas residências artísticas, workshops e cursos onde colaborou com diversos artistas. As áreas que explora são a performance, videoarte, fotografia, soundart e desenho sobre a forma de instalação, tendo como foco principal o uso do corpo físico e psicológico do Ser Humano e as suas repercussões no contexto social e político. 

22H00 | Praça dos Poveiros (início da performance) + Maus Hábitos 


by Beatriz Albuquerque

The recollection of memories based on revolution is the basis for Beatriz Albuquerque's performance called rEVOLUTION.
To recall events, facts or processes from revolution, Beatriz Albuquerque commits them to memory in this performance. The process of forming memories involves encoding, storing, retaining and subsequently recalling information and past experiences; Albuquerque takes this further, showcasing the ability to use our past experiences to determine our future paths.

Beatriz Albuquerque

Beatriz Albuquerque lives and works between Porto and New York. After she graduated from the Faculdade de Belas-Artes do Porto, she goes to the US where she completed her master's degree at The School of Art Institute of Chicago and her doctorate at Columbia University, New York, with the support of Fulbright and FCT grants. She was honoured with the Myers Art Prize Award: Cross Media Art, Columbia University, New York; the Revelation Award for the 17th Cerveira Biennial, Vila Nova de Cerveira as well as the Ambient Series Award, PAC / Edge Performance Festival, Chicago. Her work is known for its interdisciplinary media, including photography, installation and above all performance. Recently, she has held several solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

22H45 | Maus Hábitos 


by Mara Andrade

Because it’s here and now that everything happens.
Between us. From me to you and from you to me.
We are present bodies, occupying word and space.
Survivors. Forever.
Not my cup of tea is an act in progress, part of “Here and Now”.
Intimately, will be offered a story, a dance, a song and a tea.


Mara Andrade 

Between Medicine, Dance and Performance, she is inspired by the physicality of emotional states and how they are transformed on each other. In 2012, she created Uma Pequena Morte e Psicanálise (A Small Death and Psychoanalysis). In 2013, with Oxytocin, she represented Portugal at the Sixth Young Artists Biennial, Salvador da Bahia, and co-created Through my most grievous fault with Marco da Silva Ferreira. From 2014 to 2015 she created the solo Um Triste Ensaio sobre a Beleza (A Sad Essay about Beauty) that debuted on 2015 at the Campo Alegre Theatre, in Porto. On April 2018, with The Lonely Tasks, she started a performance project with the intention to experiment and document her own body’s performative utility.

23H15 | Maus Hábitos 


by Aurora Pinho

NYMPHOMANIAC where the genitals don't stop screaming in the woods and the screams echo the thirst that moves mountains. 
NYMPHOMANIAC that devours the dragon in orgasm, crashes, ties the cocks and raises the sex in the air.
NYMPHOMANIAC, who through the perfume of the signs, one day only wet the feet and the next day, almost without warning the water already reaches the neck.

Aurora Pinho

Aurora Pinho is an Performing Artist and Musician. 
She developed Utero, Heteroptera, Aurora de Areia and Rave in a Cave.
She worked with many artists, such Teatro Praga, João Pedro Vale, Filipe Sambado, Vaiapraia, António Onio, Cyril Viallon, Odete, Né Barros, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Moullinex, Joclécio Azevedo among others. 
In 2013 she finished the degree in contemporary dance at Balleteatro (Porto). 
In parallel she works as a model