Jury composed by Efrén Cuevas, Eugénia Vilela e Fernando José Pereira

Grand Prix of the Jury

The Great Gray Cloud (Marcelo Munhoz)


Jury statement

Fitting in the nuclear theme of the International Film Festival of Archive, Memory and Ethnography, The Great Gray Cloud combines, in a unique way, a concrete social and economic reality with the reverberation of this reality in the singular existence of a life. This impact summons a mode of contemporaneity between the public and the private, the common and the singular, simultaneously, in a continuous and tensional way. By rescuing the story of Lydia in her inscription in a common social and economic time - a space lived in the fragile line between struggle and love of the land - the use of archival images is developed under a movement that is intrinsically justified in the cinematic rhythm.

In this film, the relation between archive and time opens the rhythm of a temporality that, in its slowness, constitutes itself as the configuration of a human time, far from a time without ballast, presenting, in this slowness, a way of resistance to temporality typical of an aesthetics of digital era.



Valentina (Maximilian Feldmann)


Jury statement

In this documentary film, black-and-white photography draws a form of summoning reality in a singular way because, provoking the aesthetic intensification of the reality lived in a tin Romani neighborhood, creates an aesthetic fold that allows a distance from reality: a time of thought that is marked, particularly, by the rhythmicity of the black and white and the fixed shots of the faces. The approximation of the images to a substantively violent reality is fulfilled through a look that affirms the dignity of each character and its common history.


Best Fiction Award

Other world (Sandro Japaridze)


Jury statement

This film summons a contemporary reality - the forced exile of individuals and peoples - in a way that transcends pure fictional space: the opacity of the presented narrative opens a tensional filmic route that, moving away from the simple communication of a narrative, constitutes the shots and its sequence as an artistic object that challenges the viewer by the questions that he poses in the latent space to the images and their assembly.