3rd FFFilm Project selection committee
Filipe Martins, José Simões, Luís Miranda, Maria Carneiro, Né Barros

International jury of the competition in 2014
Luciana Fina
Was born in Italy, working in Portugal since de 1990s. Initially independent programmer, after collaboration with the Portuguese Cinematheque and the company ReAl João Fiadeiro, directed his first documentary, "The Audience", in 1998. Since then, diversifying forms and strategies of creation, has made documentaries and developed a work that often migrates to the film room to the exhibition space, focused on the relationship between cinema and the other arts. Since 2003, creates the instalations integrated in the project "The Time of a Portrait". She has presented his work at festivals and exhibitions in Portugal, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico, Morocco and the United States. In Porto,, collaborated with Rivoli Teatro Municipal in film programming 90s and in 2002 introduced the "JBel 3 planos em montagem horizontal" at the Serralves Foundation. In 2014, with the documentary "In Medias Res", received the Prize for the best Portuguese film at Architecture Film Festival in Lisbon.

Jorge Campos
PhD in Communication Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela is a filmmaker, journalist, cultural programmer and Adjunct Professor at the Plytechnic Institute of Porto. Responsible for the scientific field of Visual Studies, Department of Image Arts (DIA), teaches courses in film and is responsible for the specialization in the MA in Documentary Film Audiovisual Communication at the School of Music, Arts and Entertainment (ESMAE). Throughout his career as a teacher and researcher at the Higher Education minded, too, Television, Theories of Journalism and Mass Communication. Advisor Cinema projects the level of undergraduated and master's degrees have trials and theoretical texts in various publications. His teaching activities are coordinated with the regular holding of documentaries, which are the result of partnerships with external entities and are usually involved in which teachers, students and former students of DAI. In his filmography fit works on several figures of Portuguese life and culture like General Humberto Delgado, Martins Sarmento, Miguel Torga, Eugenio de Andrade, Nadir Afonso, Gomes Teixeira and Fernando Lanhas. Filmed in various countries and regions: the Amazon, The Artic Circle, Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Ecuador, Russia, France, Norway and Spain. Their work, whether in academia or the cinema and journalism were awarded or honored. Member of the boards of several national and international festivals also took part in the jury grants the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual. It is the programmer's Photography and Documentary Film Cycle Images of Real Imagined (IRI) ESMAE. Was responsible for the area of cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia Porto 2001 - Europe - an Capital of Culture

Paolo Simoni
After graduating in History at the University of Bologna in 1998 and an internship with scholarship in Paris at the Conseil International du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Audiovisual Communication (UNESCO), from 1999 to 2004 worked with the Film Library of Bologna for wich is responsible for archiving, research (on films made in Bologna in the fifties and sixties) and publishing activities. In addition, since 2001, four editions of care for a section of the Festival Il Cinema Ritrovato dedicated to the re-use of archival footage in documentary and experimental film.
In 2002 he co-founded the Association of Home Movies, which is still the president.
The Association has created and manages the national Archives of Family Films. This structure directs and coordinates a number of projects, supported by public and private entities.
Since 2005 conducts research and audiovisual production at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. At the same time archieves a PhD from the Polytechnic of Turin in Cultural Heritage Communication address, Exploitation and Land. Collaborate with university courses in history and cinema and holds conferences and seminars in several universities (University of Bologna, Catholic University, University of Padua, University of Udine, Brera Academy, IUAV, Naba).
He his the author of publications, articles and papers on various aspects of amateur film, and in particular on the relationship between the images visual and History, published in magazines, catalogs and audio-visual historical record (Pesaro 2006). In scientific field, has been participated as a speaker at several national conferences and internationally.
He supervised the construction of demonstrations, interactive exhibitits and audio-visual installations, such as Archivio Aperto (Bologna 2007 - 2014), Expanded Frames (European Photography, 2009), Family (Reggio Emilia, 2010), Cinematic Bologna (2012).
He works as a consultant to the production of documentaries and is the author of audiovisual productions and documentaries based on archive material that Home Movies preserves, such Come un canto. Notes and Images of a forgotten director on the figure od Antonio Marchi (2010), and Formato Ridotto. Free rewrites the amateur film (2012, published on DVD by the Film Library of Bologna).