ViSiONA is a cultural project organised by Diputación de Huesca. Its main objective is to convey artistic creation and its reflections on contemporary image, by adapting contents and activities to approach the largest audience possible.

In our fifth edition, we are pleased to be in Family Film Project sessions in Porto with a selection of a few works already screened in past editions of ViSiONA. We have been collaborating with Family Film Project since 2012, exchanging views and enriching our ways of addressing certain issues around family, domestic image and autobiography among others.

ViSiONA is directed by Pedro Vicente, organised and coordinated by Diputación de Huesca, the audiovisual sessions are curated by Elena Zapata. 

La máquina de los rusos

by Octavio Guerra, España,  2014, 10 min

Where are the memories? Is it possible to keep them intact? Octavio comes back home after a long time with his new video camera. His idea is to shoot images that transport him to his childhood. Again and again he fails in his search. Nevertheless, he ends up opening the memory of his father by projecting his old super-8 movies.

Haciendo memoria

by Sandra Ruesga, España, 2005, 10 min

The first time I became really conscious about who Franco had been, I was 23 years old. I was in the Valle de los Caídos (Franco’s tomb), a place where I had been many times before, without ever asking myself anything at all. How can it be that for so many years Franco’s dictatorship hasn’t mean anything to me?  I try to remember… and I call my parents to see if they can help me jogging my memory…


by Gonzalo Ballester, España, 2006, 11 min

Illegal immigration is not just a problem for our society. Not only does the illegal immigrant suffer from social uprooting but also the most difficult part of this situation: the family division. This document was born of the desire to bring together, even if it was only through a camera, a family that since long ago wishes so.

Trocitos de mi vida 10: Cómo se conocieron mis padres

by Mauro Entrialgo, España, 2007, 5 min

“Como se conocieron mis padres” is part of a larger serie called “Trocitos de mi vida”, an autobiographic mosaic in progress formed by brief pieces edited from hundreds of hours of author´s personal recordings. It arises from a overlapped area between domestic video, documentary and existential reflections. 

Agosto sin ti - Las Chicas de Pasaik

by María Elorza & Maider Fernández, España, 2015, 22 min

“Agosto sin ti” is a work based on a period of time two friends haven´t spent together. That time, August vacations, is objectified in an exchange of videos; they create their summer together as a filmed diary.