UNFRAMING ARCHIVES - Essays on Cinema and Visual Arts (2018)



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The Aesthetic, Politics and Arts Collection dedicates the present edition to the archive and the memory through a series of essays and interviews. Andrzej Marzec, Bill Nichols, Catarina Mourão, Deirdre Boyle, Éfren Cuevas, Fernanda Fragateiro, Filipe Martins, Miguel Leal, Péter Forgács contribute to a discussion about the limits of the formalization of the real and, at the same time, launch challenges about the possibilities of the reinstatement of the archive in the field of arts and politics.




FILIPE MARTINS, Between Formalism and Realism: the case of cinema

ANDRZEJ MARZEC, Post-Digital Aesthetics: an art of imperfection,
disturbances and disintegration

MIGUEL LEAL, Marginalia

CATARINA MOURÃO, Poetry and Bureaucracy

ÉFREN CUEVAS, Making (Micro) History with Domestic Archives

CATARINA MOURÃO, Anatomia de um filme de família

DEIRDRE BOYLE, Meanwhile Somewhere: A conversation with Péter Forgács

BILL NICHOLS in dialogue with PÉTER FORGÁCS, The Memory of Loss: Péter Forgács’s Saga of Family Life and Social Hell

BILL NICHOLS, Ecstasy, Charisma and Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man

FERNANDA FRAGATEIRO, Materials Laboratory