19 OCT | 15H - 18H | PASSOS MANUEL



Children from 4 to 8 years old / Previous enrolment is necessary

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The practice of animation has an incredible ability to stimulate creativity, allowing participants to be in touch with a new technical process that allows a number of possibilities in terms of plastic expression. From the ability to perceive the movement and the way it is generated in animation, to the exploration of different materials and different artistic techniques, this proves to be a creative area of great value. As Imagens lá de Casa is an animation workshop aimed at raising awareness about memory and family history. Participants are invited to reflect and create starting from their family photographs, and at the same time through exercises that allow the illusion of movement in the image, they will be explained on how the creation of animation works. At the end of the session, family members will be invited to watch a small exercise developed by the participants.


Joana Nogueira 

She has a degree in Fine Arts (2009) from ESAD.CR and she has a Master in Illustration and Animation (2016) from IPCA. She participated in Academia RTP 3.0 where she co-directed the short film Pronto, era assim. She is currently working on her personal ceramics, illustration and animation projects, such as the documentary short film Três Vírgula Catorze, co-directed with Patrícia Rodrigues and produced by Animals AVPL. She has been teaching and training in the field of fine arts since 2010, and she has been part of the team at Casa da Animação, in Porto, since 2016.

Patrícia Rodrigues 

She has a degree in Communication Design (2010 / IPCB) and she has a Master in Illustration and Animation (2016 / IPCA). In 2014/15 she joined the Academia RTP, co-directed with Joana Nogueira the short film “Pronto, era assim”. In 2016/17 she worked at Nukufilm (Estonia) where she built props and puppets. In 2017/18 she built and did animation for the film Anamorphose by João Rodrigues. Together with Joana Nogueira, she directed the Episode 7: Ornitorrincos for the series Crias. She is also developing the short film Três Vírgula Catorze. She also takes time to the training of young people and adults in the area of animation.