Conference with Mario Perniola (guest speaker), followed by interventions by João Sousa Cardoso, Miguel Leal, Né Barros e Filipe Martins.

Organization: Balleteatro / Family Film Project; Aesthetics, Politics and Knowledge Group of the Institute of Philosophy | Performances in the Contemporary

Border lines are crossed daily as new places are invented. Places that inscribe diffuse, disturbed and disruptive memories. These new places materialize tensions and fundamental desires that art assimilates and thus launches an endless exploitation. The expansion, reoccupation, incorporation, mobilization, become vital movements that define new perspectives on the margins that line at the course of events and art in contemporary times. It is no longer about being out of the norm or the devious form, but marginal forms as places that resist and inscribe bodies on the edge. Bodies who live on a par with opposite and strange states with each other and generate pure contradiction spaces.



Mario Perniola ( taught at the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” from 1983  to 2011. He is director of the magazine “Ágalma. Rivista di Studi Culturali e di Estetica” from 2000 until now (, ( Visiting Professor in many universities and research centres in France, Denmark, Brazil, Japan, Canada, USA and Australia, is author of several books translated into many languages. Last publications: 20th Century Aesthetics Towards A Theory of Feeling, London, Bloombury, 2013; Vom katholischen Fühlen, Berlin, Matthes & Seitz, 2013;  Tiresias. Devenir-mujer, Buenos Aires, La Cuarenta, 2016, L’arte espansa, Torino, Einaudi, 2016; Del terrorismo come una delle belle arti, Milano, Mimesis, 2016.


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