2020 Spain DOC 27 '

The filmmaker’s family has some plots of land inheritance. But there is a problem; no one knows where most of them are. They are absurdly small and are scattered throughout the mountain. The filmmaker and his father set on a search. A search to find them, to see if by putting them together with others like his cousin Lalo, they make them worth for something. This cousin helps them in their search; he lives closer to the properties. But the lines marked on the maps blur when searching the separation on the land. They disappear. What they find in reality are the scars of a way of living and society in their last moments.The inheritance loses its reason of being. It could have been the last chance for change. But it becomes the last vestige before oblivion.


Santiago D. Risco is a filmmaker from Galicia (Spain). He studied documentary filmmaking in Barcelona and has been living there since then. He was part of the projects of Victor Kossakovsky, Pere Portabella and Marcel Lozinsky. In 2014 he co-directed Playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Raúl M. Candela, which premiered in Visions du Réel in Switzerland and was selected in more international festivals like NeMaf in South Corea or CurtaCinema in Brasil. In 2016 he made his second documentary short film, Vai Chover, premiered internationally in MIDBO in Colombia. After that, he worked in Goodbye Ringo, by Pere Marzo, throughout its whole process. It premiered in Sitges in 2018 and won the documentary public prize. He is part of the analogue film collective Laboratorio Reversible since 2016. In it, he was part of the team that made the experimental short film Vecines, which premiered at the Alternativa film festival in Barcelona in 2018. Right now he is working in Médecins Sans Frontiéres in its communication department.