2020 Brazil DOC / EXP 10 '

Amidst is a film that consists in an affective collage and presents a subjective city, a city of possible experiences, far from the central narrative known, however contained in it. The personal archive is a collective memory – the ideals are fulfilled through the people who carry out the city, make use of it and register it to seize it. Just like before, the future. Its structures still amaze and fascinate the new eyes that land on them. On the date when the capital of hope, Brasilia, turned sixty years old, we started to reflect and honour.


Duda Affonso, Julia Nogueira and Manuela Curtiss are members of the Atomic Collective and together sign the direction of the film o ínterim. The trio works in audiovisual production – collaborations in dance, performance, theatre and music – and maintains as main focus the film production. Its work axis is the Portugal, Germany and Brazil link. The paths drawn by each of the components were very diverse however the study and work in cinema establish the convergence of interests. Duda is a director, writer, photographer and researcher, and is currently developing her first feature film, having previously directed the short film Superfície plana, corpo-coisa, paisagem (2019) and Casa de Praia (2018). Júlia is a film, photography and publishing director. She made the short film Anna Bê (2019). Manuela is a film director and art producer, Teobaldo morto, Romeu exilado (2014).