Regina Guimarães

1989 Portugal EXP 8 '

THE VISIONS OF THE SAINT Around the Fado of Samaritana, sung, in off, by a very pregnant nun, city writings are articulated: joys and nauseas, singsongs and rigmaroles. Is there an earthquake that shakes us?


Regina Guimarães, aka Corbe, was born in Porto in 1957. Along with her poems, published in rare editions of a confidential nature, she has developed work in the areas of Theater, Translation, Song, Dramaturgy, Education for Art, Criticism, Video, Argument, Production. She was a lecturer at FLUP, ESMAE and ESAD. She was director of the film magazine A Grande Ilusão, president and founder of the Os Filhos de Lumière Association, programmer of the permanent cycle O Sabor do Cinema in the Serralves Museum. She joined the group that, along with other reflection and creation activities, published the newspaper PREC. She is co-founder of Centro Mário Dionísio - Casa da Achada. With Ana Deus, she founded the band Três Tristes Tigres. She worked for other bands, namely Osso Vaidoso and Clã. She performed countless experiences around the word said and sung. She organizes, for eight years to this part, LEITURA FURIOSA Porto, meetings between writers and people angry with reading. She has directed writing workshops (almost 90 works, some of which are in partnership with Saguenail) and film tutoring. She has directed an extensive videographic work in the form of "Cadernos", which has been the subject of some retrospectives. She aspires to be everywhere where there is a fair fight to fight. She lives and works with Saguenail since 1975. Hélastre is the sign of their common work.