come on, scumbags

madina mustafina

2013 Kazakhstan DOC 60 '

The lead character of the movie is modern day heroine, a girl aged 18 not yet ready to carry a burden of responsibility. A typical subculture representative, Jane can’t boast certain talents living the ordinary life of a provincial girl entering adulthood: she likes dancing, meeting guys, she teaches her female friends how to kiss. She is no different from a thousand other girls either in terms of code of behavior, or style of speech, or desire to be loved. Except for one thing: in reality she is a boy.


Madina Mustafina was born in 1987 in Kazakhstan. She graduated from an architecture faculty of Kazakhstan National University in 2010. She studied bad at university because she wasn't good in technical science. She missed lessons and spent her all time in garage where she was engaged in tuning of cars. In 2011 she entered to documentary filmmaking school of Marina Razbezhkina in Moscow and made the movie "Milana". Next year in 2012 she was working as co-director in "Winter, go away". In 2013 made new film "Come on, scumbags".