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Copacabana Mon Amour is a performance of memory and narration of a fictional film from start to finish. The film, which bears the same name as the work, Copacabana Mon Amour, was directed by Rogerio Sganzerla and filmed in Rio de Janeiro in 1970. Copacabana Mon Amour was not released commercially due to censorship imposed by the military dictatorship. Its original negatives were restored, in 2013, after an advanced stage of deterioration. Currently, its preservation copy is in the Brazilian Cinematheque, which was recently burned. Situated at the intersection of performance and cinema, Copacabana Mon Amour starts from the premise that a narrated film is very different from a watched film.


Bibi Dória (Campo Grande, 1995) graduated in Dance from UNICAMP. She works at the intersection of dance, performance and cinema. She made her first solo work É Puro Glacê (2019) within the context of PACAP (Advanced Program for Creation in Performing Arts) at the Forum Dança (Lisbon, PT), premiered at Espaço da Penha (PT), presented at CDCN – La Place de la Danse (FR), ), Festival Cartografias #2 (PT) and Festival Planalto (PT). Bibi Dória is co-creator and performer of LA BURLA (2022) directed by Bruno Brandolino (UY) with space and light design by Leticia Skrycky (UY). In 2020 she was awarded the Residência em Dança do MIS – SP (Museu da Imagem e do Som with the creation of the video “o que conto por carta” exhibited at the Parada de Cinema de Teresina (BR) and Plataforma Minima (CHL). In 2021 she participated in the program Interferences (PT) at Palácio Pancas Palha, where she developed the project nome de filme deepening her research around imagination and memory. Bibi Dória is currently living in Lisbon, where she collaborates with Gustavo Ciríaco as a performer in the plays Vastidão (2022), Paisagem em Linha (2021) and follows the creation of the play Miquelina e Miguel by Miguel Pereira with its debut in July at the Teatro do Bairro Alto (PT)