cuckoo’s children

inesa kurklietyte

2013 Lithuania DOC 25 '

Twelve lost children live in a remote country house near Silute town. Their mother is Ona who was an orphan herself. Ona takes her foster children to meet their real mothers. She wants them to know their roots. Three colourful meetings after not seeing each other for several years. Do cuckoos recognize their children?


I was born in 14 of March, 1968. All my following studies were devoted to cinema. Since 1986 to 1990 I studied theatre directing in Lithuanian Arts academy (Klaipėda) and got bachelor’s degree. Since 1993 to 1996 studied cinema directing in Lithuanian Music academy (Vilnius), got bachelor’s degree. From 1994 to 1995 studied cinema directing in Paris Audio-Visual high school ESRA During that period, in 1995, I made my first short feature film “Benoit” (7 min., 16 mm, France). I continued studies in Paris high school of cinema art FEMIS in 1996(stage Universite de l’ete). During that year I made my second film (first documentary) “Les Lettres” (15 min., Beta, France). Also, in the same 1996, I became a director of educational cinema and television studio in Lithuanian music academy. The next short feature followed in 1997 – “Adieu” (17 min., 35 mm, Lithuania). The next one “Hommes” (32 min. 35 mm, Lithuania) was made in 1999. I became a council member of international association of three Baltic countries “Baltic Films” at 2001. During the same year I made another short feature “White Wind” (20 min. Beta, Lithuania). In 2001, 2002 and 2003 I was a coordinator of European Commission Socrates/Erasmus intensive programme “International workshop for European Film, Theatre and Music schools”. My next film was made in 2003, it is a documentary “Land of changes” (16 min. Beta, Lithuania). In 2004 I coordinated the project supported by the EC MEDIA Training programme “Summer MEDIA Studio”. In the same 2004 I made a documentary “Mild Witchcraft” (25 min. DVcam, 35mm, Lithuania). Also, since 2004 I collaborate with K&N Production, France. Our common project is documentary “Women’s secret” (46 min, Dvcam). During 2005- 2013 I directed few documentaries : “Kristina & Christ” ( 26 min. DV cam), “To be loved”( 29 min. HD), “What the wolves howl about" (57 min. HD), “Cuckoo's children” (25 min. HD) award - 2013 -best dokumentary film at Olimpia International Film Festival and award winning feature film “Crow Lake” ( 61 min. 35mm., awarded in LUCAS IFF, Germany and OLYMPIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Greece, the best director award - 2007) 2014 Silver Award in International Independant Film Awards (USA, Los Angelo), 2015 Best Dokumentary Film in Festival ZOOM zblizenia (Poland), 2015 Best International Short Documentary Award in DOCfeed festival (Eindhoven, Netherland).