2006 United States EXP 5 '

This work of experimental, generative cinema is a software-based adaptation of the 1912 silent film, The Invaders by Thomas Ince. The software runs in real time for projection on a screen. The original film, The Invaders, tells a story set in the 1860s during the period of U.S. expansionism and the building of the U.S. transcontinental railroad. The Union Pacific Railroad Company brings its land surveyors into Sioux territory with the complicity and protection of the U.S. Army. In response to the broken treaty made with the US government, members of the Sioux Nation band together with Cheyenne and fight the European-American invaders.


Barbara Lattanzi’s art practice has roots in Chicago. There she attended the School of the Art Institute, studying with Imagist painter Ray Yoshida and going to cinema lectures of Stan Brakhage. Later she studied with Hollis Frampton and Tony Conrad at Center for Media Study (Buffalo, New York). From 2006 to 2020, she was a professor of media art at the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University. Barbara Lattanzi has produced work in a wide range of media – films, videos, installations, Internet art, custom software, and computational animation. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Whitney Museum of American Art (New York City), Block Museum of Art (Northwestern University, Chicago), Microscope Gallery (New York City), Watershed Film and Media Center (Bristol, England), and many others. She currently resides in the Village of Alfred, New York State.