regina guimarães

2017 Portugal EXP 19 '

Between the painting of a city scene, in the room of Theatro Circo de Braga under renovation works, and a surrealistic game of divination where the figure of Socrates is summoned through the description of a singular polis, between old Paris, dear to Baudelaire, and the city reorganized to obstruct insurrections, two chandeliers and little more ...


Regina Guimarães aka CORBRE (Porto, 1957) and Saguenail aka SERGE ABRAMOVICI (Paris, 1955) live and work together since 1975. HÈLASTRE is the sign under which they develop mutual work. Besides their university teaching activities and together with their individual research and creations they have been creating work in partnership, as much as in writing (specially for theatre), as in cinema (specially documentary) and as in critic (specially cinematographic).