Xacio Baño

2016 Spain DOC / EXP 20 '

Xosé along with his girlfriend Rocío are dismantling his parent's apartment in A Coruña. Nobody lives there now. There are marks from the old furniture on the walls, memories inside the boxes. Thirty years to build a life and two days to disassemble it. When they shake the rugs, the dust invades the house. It's time to open the windows.

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Xacio Baño (Xove, Galicia – Spain – 1983) studies cinematography at the University of León. He produces, writes and directs several short films among them “Ser e voltar” (2014), “Anacos” (2012) and “Estereoscopía” (2011), appearing in many national and international festivals such as Locarno, New directors/New Films, Clermont Ferrand, Telluride Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Alcine, Festival de Las Palmas, Festival Málaga, Slamdance, Busan Int. Short film festival, Shnit, Aspen Shortfest…