2021 Portugal 40 '

A temporary collective of three performers investigates how corporeal and oral processes are transmitted through the immateriality and the common imaginary based on several dance practices. Based on actions of interpretation, adaptation or contamination of their practices, performers revisit and transform their experiential archives into choreographies, fictions or demonstrations, and summon the public toan injunction space between complicity and contemplation. Artistic Direction and Choreography: Jorge Gonçalves Performance: Deeogo Oliveira, Filipa Matta e Melissa Sousa Artistic Assistance: Né Barros Graphic Design: Marta Filipe Photography: Miguel Refresco VIdeo: Miguel Filgueiras Production: URDA Coproduction: balleteatro, ASTA – Festival contraDANÇA and BCN – Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte Support to the Artistic Residency: Circolando e Academia de Bailado Clássico Pirmin Treku Financial support: República Portuguesa - Cultura | Direção-Geral das Artes


As an independent, he works in the performing arts as a curator, choreographer, playwright, producer, performer and teacher. He has a degree in Engineering (FEUP, 2002), has a Contemporary Dance Course at Balleteatro Escola Profissional (2005), attended a Masters in Artistic Performance – Dance (FMH, 2006) and completed the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AHK, 2014). From 2009 to 2017, he co-founded and directed the performing arts programming structure, MEZZANINE. In 2009 he was the artistic co-responsible and manager of OOPSA Associação and from 2008 to 2011, he co-founded and directed the production structure Obra Madrasta. Since 2006, he has been producing and presenting his artwork in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands. Since 2003, he has worked with several choreographers such as Anna Pehrsson, Daniel Kok, Clara Andermatt, DD Dorvillier, Dinis Machado, Elisabete Finger, Goro Tronsmo, Isabelle Schad, Keith Lim, Litó Walkey, Mathilde Monnier, Né Barros, Rebecka Stillman, Susana Otero, Vera Mantero and Ula Sickle. He has collaborated with various institutions nationally (Balleteatro, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, LaB InDança, Asas de Palco, MARTE, Casa da Música) and internationally (HZT and Tanzfabrik Berlin), teaching regularly, conducting workshops, and mentoring students of performing arts. He has been an associate artist at balleteatro since 2021.