2020 Italy FICTION 10 '

Alice works at a gas station. She doesn’t play anymore and she buried her passion for music deep inside. On a sultry summer day, her old music teacher shows up. And Alice starts wondering if she has stayed without her fuel for too long.


Olga Torrico studies between Rome, Paris, Bologna and Valencia, graduating in languages and literature, and specializing in Film Studies. Since 2014 she has been part of Elenfant Distribution, working as a short distributor. In 2016, with Adam Selo she founded the production company Sayonara Film, with which she produces shorts and creative documentaries. In 2017 she attends the screenplay writing school Bottega Finzioni and is one of the producers of the series 13.11 with Elenfant Film, presented in more than 70 festivals worldwide. She writes, directs and stars in her first short Gas Station, shot in 35 mm, winner of the program Extended Cinecampus, produced by Sayonara Film and Factory Film, in collaboration with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.