Marta Renzi

2013 United States FICTION 10 '

A man and a woman, dressed in funeral black, arrive at a homestead. Silent, bottled up, alone, each enters the barn to work through their feelings, eventually finding their way to some kind of peace.


Marta Renzi is the creator of over 20 short films which have screened in festivals all over the world. Called by Dancing in the Streets “a fearless explorer of unconventional sites" for her site-specific choreography, Renzi was commissioned by public television to make 2 half-hour video dances in the 1980’s. Funded 7 times by the NEA, Renzi is a 2013 Bogliasco Fellow and a 2014 RAW Community Supported Artist. HER MAGNUM OPUS, Renzi’s debut feature film, was released in June 2017.