La Laguna

Aaron Schock

2016 Mexico United States DOC 38 '

Set within the rainforests of southern Mexico, La Laguna tells the story of a Mayan boy’s remarkable journey from childhood to adolescence. While Yu’uk and his younger brother José enjoy a childhood of uncommon freedom in the jungle, Yu’uk’s family’s problems begin to mount and leaving his village – and his beloved little brother – may be his family’s only hope.

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Emmy-nominated director Aaron Schock holds a MA in public policy from Columbia University and worked for many years in social research at Columbia and in nonprofit community development in the South Bronx before making documentary films. His most recent feature is Circo (2011), which premiered as the Los Angeles and London Film Festivals, won the grand jury prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival (among other awards), was distributed theatrically in the US, UK, and Canada and shown nationally on PBS’s Independent Lens and internationally on HBO.