La Maquina de los Rusos

octavio guerra

2013 Spain 10 '

Where are the memories? Is it possible to retain them of an intact way? Octavio comes back home after a long time with his new video camera his idea is to shoot images that they transport him to his childhood. Again and again he fails in his search. Nevertheless he ends up by opening the memory of his father by projecting his old super-8 movies.


Octavio guerra was born in 1976 las palmas de gran canaria (spain). He graduated in journalism from valencia. Make iberoamerican master film script (fia-uimp, 2002-2003) and the iberoamerican master tv guion (fia-uimp, 2003-2004). She continued her training with different workshops in the documentary genre with professors as José Luis Guerin and Isaki Lacuesta. Between 2005 and 2006 worked as a screenwriter for tvac in different series, including “motu proprio” and the daily series “the oath puntabrava”. From 2006 to 2012, is assistant manager and director of the docu-reality “direct action” for tve la 2 tve. He has directed the short films “double parked” “gestures” and “machine of the russians”. He is currently filming his second documentary “city beach”, selected by creadoc, project development laboratory of creative documentary canary (miradasdoc festival, Tenerife) and prepares the production of the film “photos i never took” selected by: leac, audiovisual writing lab canary, in its first edition. Ibertalent, iberoamerican meeting of young talents (Festival Cinema joven, Valencia) and EUROFORUM (International Festival of las Palmas). The documentary film creation “Holy water” is his debut.