Maternal Histories

Anouk Dominguez-Degen

2015 Switzerland DOC / EXP 28 '

“Maternal histories” is an inward journey based on the author’s family film archive. The film explores intimacy, words and silence, to inspect the various shades of so-called “maternal instinct”. The author questions the implicit inheritance which passes down from generation to generation and the conflicting desires that haunt her as a woman and a mother.


Born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Swiss and Brazilian nationality. In 2002, graduated in ITV television direction and production, Ecuador. From 2003 to 2007, undertakes film studies in HEAD (old ESBA), Haute Ecole d'Art et Design Geneva; graduated in 2007 in Visual Arts, Cinema orientation. In 2012, FOCAL grant "Personal Assistant" in the Brazilian feature film "Depois da Chuva" filmed in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. In 2013, participation in the Berlinale Talent Campus # 11 as director. Lives and works in Geneva in audiovisual direction and post-production, and on time in Brazil.