2022 30 '

In the throbbing of an ancestral memory, the performer seeks emotional references in the real/fictitious creative transit that proposes a work clothing from northern Portugal. The straw material, present in various ordinary/ numerous rituals of knowledge/doing, in diverse cultures, is used as a device of discoveries shooted by the artist’s body, which by the deviations of survival had to abandon dance as a vocation. Spirits of Amerindian and AfricanAmerican people inspire the awakening of a triad of enchanted to sew with the Lusitanian robe, awakening it from what was intended for it: the work that dismays the feast. Between the dance forgotten by a spirit and a forgotten body of the dance the straw flies.


Brazil/Portugal. Performer/Multiartist, Poet, Art Educator, Art therapist, Psychologist, Teacher. He is a postdoctoral student in Contemporary Art, College of Arts, University of Coimbra; PhD in Artistic Education, FBAUP; Master/Bachelor/Bachelor of Psychology; Specialist in Theatrical Representation, and Art therapy/ Body Approaches; Graduated in Fine Arts; Graduated in Theater. He has interests in the field of Performance/Crossings, Poetic Writing, Self/Photo/Biography, Memory, Ancestry, Popular Culture, Dissenting Bodies, Loss/Mourning, Mental Health. Collaborator on several platforms: Symptom; Association of Teachers of Expression and Visual Communication, APECV; C3, Educational and Artistic Resistance Cell; Laboratory of Creativity and Mental Health, LACRIAS; Tuia De Artifice Collective. Last projects- Gardening, Exprint Viva Brasil, University of Coimbra, 2022; PIN DOR AMA: First Lesson (Technical Residency 2021, Campus Paulo Campus e Silva; Maia Biennial, 2021; Museum as Performance 2020, Serralves); Santa Barba (Pinga Amor, 2020; Big Gay Heart, Mira Space, 2019; Casa da Horta, 2019; Casa Bô, 2019; Convent of Santa Clara, 2018); Promises (Mostra de Aciones Performáticas 4X4, Museu de Jaén, 2019; Videolab Festival, 2018; “Fantasmas”, Casa de Saberes Cego Aderaldo, Quixadá, Ceará, Brazil, 2018; Leaks and Interferences, Museo Eugenio Granell, 2016; Penafiel Museum, 2016; Serralves em Festa 2015); Abati-Uauapé (Serralves em Festa 2017); Alva Escura (Quinta da Lágrimas, 2018; Serralves em Festa 2016; Soares dos Reis Museum, 2016; Miscellaneous Materials, 2016); Room 28 (Motel Coimbra, College of Arts, 2016; Direction(s), Maia Forum, 2014); Asseitas (Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos, 2016). Atelier Open, 2017- 2019, College of Arts. Scholarship/Research Foundation Carolina, Spain, 2016; CNPq, Brazil/ Portugal, 2013-2018. Awards: LABPe 2021, Santa Barba; Artistic Residency Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva 2021, Palha Encantada; Técnica Campus Residence Paulo Cunha e Silva 2021, PIN DOR AMA: Primeira Lição. @pauloemiliokalabaza