sofia gutman

2014 Israel ANI 9 '

In the sunlit town named Rehovot, a father and his daughter spend a day together. When night falls the girl is confronted with her parent's violent past. She dives into a world of images and frightening memories.


Sofia was born in Russia and lived in Israel. At her third year in Bezalel academy in Jerusalem she did a student exchange program at “Ecole nationale des arts decoratifs” in Paris. Her graduation film "Rehovot" won the national "Snunit" fund for rising artists in Israel and was the Rising star prize in Canada's international film festival. It was accepted to 14 international festivals. After graduation Sofia has written a script for a feature video game and worked on several films for ongoing exhibitions in the museum “Cite des sciences et du l’industrie” in Paris. Currently, Sofia lives and works in Paris: working a director on live action and animation films.