Sangue do meu sangue

João Canijo

2011 Portugal FICTION 140 '

It is a film about unconditional love, the love of a mother for her daughter, the love of an aunt for her nephew. And how they are willing to sacrifice everything to save them ... Marcia is a single mother of two, works as a cook and shares her home in a city neighborhood with her sister Ivete, shopping center hairdresser. One day, Claudia, the daughter, who is studying nursing and works as a cashier in a supermarket, tells the mother she fell in love with an older, married man. When Marcia meets him, she perceives a very serious threat hanging over her family. Joca, the son, is a small dealer in the neighborhood until he decides to strike a blow to his dealer, but he is caught and his aunt Ivete has to sacrifice herself to save him.

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Was assistant director to Manoel de Oliveira, Wenders, Tanner and Schroeter. He has directed more than 7 feature films and three documentaries that have had a regular presence in the most important international film festivals - Cannes, Venice, Toronto. Blood of my Blood received the Prize of the International Critics in San Sebastian and the Grand Jury Prize in Miami and was featured in over sixty festivals worldwide. He is finishing his next feature film Fatima - Paths of the Soul.